Cannot activate AWD when standing at Fuel Station or Tunnel portal

The key to activate AWD just disappears. This may be issue on maps where is mud in front of the tunnel. The same with Fuel Station.

In the travel zone:
2020-05-28 (9).jpg

Outside of the travel zone
2020-05-28 (10).jpg

This is linked to this, the control are conflicting each other on many function and ui prompt.

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I have the same issues. The controls seem to make no difference between those funktions.
I am playing with a Logitech G29. I have to press the clutch and the square button to activate the AWD. The activation button for tunnel portals or fuel stations is the square button without the clutch. This worked fine in former game versions, but somehow in 5.3 are these commands not divided anymore.

Yep. I have exactly the same issues using a ps4 gamepad. I can engage AWD only by clicking it with the mouse.