Force feedback seems worse on PTS

My steering wheel no longer tries to return to center during and after a turn. There's resistance when turning, but no centering force.

It happens to me only in situations when the front wheels are sticking in the mud (and it's harder to center the steering wheel manualy). On harder grounds the centering force is back. Maybe it's not a bug. Or do you have the issues even on roads?

(Logitech G29)

@PatrickMaszun I do with the test version. 4.10 SR works fine. I even tested it on the proving ground on asphalt.

@Unster Ok... it's a bug.

Feelwise the force feedback in 5.2 was better than in 5.3.

I have only minimal feedback in 4.10.

Only the centering thing and massive shocks even from the tiniest damage, but nothing from the ground.

That's way better since 5.0. Now i can feel the ground.

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@PatrickMaszun Do you get any centering force in 5.3?

It's somewhat better if you maximize the "spring gain" in the settings, but still not as strong as it was previously. It's just OK now.

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@Unster Yes it's working fine.

On harder grounds the centering force works as usual. The force is low, while the truck is not driving and gets stronger when it's driving forward like in real life (ok... in real life would be no centering force while the car/truck is standing still).

In muddy swamp tarain it takes muscle force to bring the steering wheel into the middle position (at least while the truck is not driving) .

It feels to me like it should be like that in 5.3.


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