Night Vision Feedback

I really love the night vision, and how you guys even put the detail of having IR FLASHLIGHTS IN THE GAME! However, I only have TWO gripes with it: You can't shoot out lights, and you can't at least equip a flashlight and laser at the same time so that if someone throws a molotov for example, you aren't left defenseless and can at least disable the NODs and flip on some white light. Other than this, the night vision is some of, if not the most realistic depiction in gaming I have seen so far!

Yup ! I really love this update ! That's quality work there !

However, I believe the "we should have both a laser pointer and a flashlight" argument hides a much simpler problem. I'm talking lighting quality here...

The game doesn't look that good at night, for the simple reason that everything is brightly lit by artificial lights, and suddenly falls to pitch black darkness when the light source reaches its maximum radius. It makes night vision inefficient in said pitch black areas, and inefficient in heavily lit areas (as it's supposed to, this particular aspect is not a problem per say).

Lighting at night looks like light does not bounce around like it should. It gives it a weird Doom 3 vibe, where everything was either lit, or complete darkness. While it was incredible looking at the time, it's become quite dated for today's standards. I'm not saying the game should be "ray-tracing quality", only that the lighting should be heavily tweaked to better match reality and allow NV google/scopes/flashlights to do their job properly.

There should be "ambiant" light at night. There is none atm. I hope this gets fixed. The sky is dark but doesn't have a moon to spread some sunlight around...

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