Watching pictures of the Focus Event and nothing about Space Hulk EE.

No news here.



I expect we'll hear more once the NDA expires next week.

But I do empathise with your plight. I also noticed no mention or pictures of EE at the Press Event.

I'm really afraid they'll announce some bad news, like "We got that issue and we tried to solve it to the last minutes, but we couldn't and we'll have to cancel the console release" or something like that...

Hopefully, the few communications we had so far were confident on the game being ported on console, so I don't think it will happen, but still, it makes me wonder.

Could be something close to that, I have an email from the developers, part of which states;
"What I can say, we want to be sure the game and its enhanced features will need to be as much polished as we want them to be for the release."
Could be that they're just doing their best to make sure the game is polished and runs smoothly at all times, I'd rather wait longer to have a smoother experience. Hopefully that's the case.

Don't worry guys, the game is still on sales on ps4 / xbox at 39,9 euros on amazon.
Honesty it would be a bad decision to cancel the project because they would lose lot of customers for their futurs 40k projects, in particular SH Tactics and BFGA2. In addition, it would totaly illogical considering the update is well advanced (what we can see from differents video). To my opinion, this is just because they want the game well optimised to avoid the mess it have been at start on pc and this is a good thing. I prefer to wait more to get better quality. Anyway, some communication about EE was really needed from what's next and missed a lot.

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We have to post the situation with Deathwing in the forums of the other games, to prevent other players.

Like you all, I'm inclined to think they also are polishing the game to the limit. Bit if it was only that, then I don't understand their radio silence.

Maybe they are adding too some new features?

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@samu I can 100% confirm that the console version of the game is still being worked on.

Well at least this is a small relief, for me and other console players. Thanks @Iyagovos .

Really, a lot of us wouldn't mind if the game is delayed if it garantes a polished and optimisez result. We only await any sorts of updates...

@iyagovos said in Sadness.:

@samu I can 100% confirm that the console version of the game is still being worked on.

You worry only in console players, because you don´t have their money.

What about PC players customers, who already paid for the game more than one year ago?

Do we deserve your silence?

Do you think it´s correct how you are treating us?

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I can also 100% that the PC version is still being worked on.

We are all impatient to play EE but i'm sure devs do their best to provide a game with the best quality they can. If you remember how the game has been critical for non optimisation at start, i find great that focus retains lessons from the past and choose to take time needed to provide better quality product! It s a mark of respect for their customers !
I have bought pc version since first hours (and BFGA1 too) and you can be sure that i will buy ps4 version too and other focus titles (BFGA2, SH tactics, chtulu, vampyre, werewolf, etc) if the update is good! And all my friends will do the same btw.
Space Hulk Deathwing is an amazing game and for me quality and efforts must be rewarded

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@jb0809 It seems the post I made got caught in the forums, it's been restored 🙂

@iyagovos said in Sadness.:

I can also 100% that the PC version is still being worked on.

Exactly the same are you repeating for a year in the case of my crashes. And what is the effect?

just another week homie

that said, I really hope we get concrete dates

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