New Map Preview GumbootGambler's "Wheelers Choice"

Couple screenshots from my first map. It is smaller, but I put some effort into it. It's getting close to being completed. If you're a map maker and want to give it a pre-run hit me up on here as I'm looking for few to run it and give me some constructive criticism. Will submit to when it's 100% finished.
Happy Muddin!

0_1518160980739_wheelers choice.JPG 0_1518161145121_20180208203343_1.jpg 0_1518161167570_20180208203402_1.jpg 0_1518161185271_20180203015028_1.jpg 0_1518161198302_20180205003204_1.jpg 0_1518161258909_20180208200303_1.jpg

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Throw me a link, b'ye! I'll test 'er out today!

great map man. at first i started to think it needed more technical rock crawling sections. i headed straight for the other side of the river and by the time i was there i thought yeah more rocks. all tho, i do believe it does need more rock crawling on some of the trails i then discovered your rock section. its as good as any i have ever drove. i for one like the fact that it takes time to cover any obstacle, and don't think you should be able to just blast around a map. i think there are enough maps out there that are easy and think there should be more like this. i like the sections where you have to squeeze through the rocks and climb the near vertical hills. honestly i wasn't expecting this good of a map. i think the time spent on this map has paid off for you sir. keep up the good work and keep making these super hard maps!

Thanks man, I made this map tailored towards the challenges I like in spintires. I spent a lot of time removing rock glitches and making sure sections weren't obvious and you couldn't just mash though it. I was going for hard but do-able and I error'd on the side of easier for now. You're right the perimeter trails are fairly easy. I made it so there is a route to log the map as I was trying to get a feel for all aspects of the editor. I got a pretty decent list of stuff to fix still. This is one of those maps not everyone is going to like. So I'm happy to hear you enjoyed it.

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This looks like a really nice map. I love the details in the creekbed walls. Can you DM me a link on Steam? I'd love to check it out.

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