Sideboard trailer detaches itself when attached with rope to utility trailer after going through tunnel.

So I was going to Smithville dam from Black River. I had:

  1. Azov truck.
  2. Utility trailer attached to it (via "attach trailer").
  3. Sideboard trailer attached to utility trailer with rope (whinch).

After going through the tunnel and getting to Black River I found out that sideboard trailer got detached on it's own (so I had only utility trailre behind me).

I guess this happens with everything that's attached with rope to your truck (or maybe only to your trailer).

Please fix this!

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@Ada you can't go through the portal with winch attachments I've tried this a few times but the trailers didn't disappear the got left at the other portal

Dunno, my map was showing that the second trailer is not left before the tunnel, but just disappeared. I will check it later today.

Anyway, this is clearly not logical and should be fixed (or at lest we should be warned about this when entering the tunnel, like they warn us to detach the trailer before rescuing the truck).

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Correction: turns out sideboard trailed DID came through the tunnel and appeared on the Smithville map, but got detached on it's own on exiting from the tunnel(without me detaching it).

Still a glitch that needs to be adressed (I corrected title and description).

Not a bug. Winch will always get detached because the engine is automatically knock off when passing through the tunnel.