Make point shooting toggleable via keybind, not an attachment

Point shooting as an attachment is a clunky and strange system choice. Allow players to switch between using their optics and their ir laser + canted point shooting without having to die, resupply, or take off nvg's.

Say I want to use my 2x red dot + nvg's, and take shots from a distance while navigating between sites, but then turn on my ir laser and aim with canted point shooting for cqc site capping / defending. Would be super sick, but we can't do that at the moment due to point shooting being an attachment instead of a toggleable keybind.

Would be neat even for daytime gameplay too. Switch between your magnified optics for long distance shooting, then switch to canted shooting + your ordinary laser pointer for in-doors CQC. Would be extremely useful, and feel tactical as hell.

That said, I can see this possibly being a technical hurdle - and potentially the reason we haven't seen toggleable optic maginifaction as of yet.

Let me know what you think. Would be great if NWI took notice of this.

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Yes please!

It seems daft to have to choose this in the "loadout" menu.

Agreed. Also the aiming sensitivity while using canted IR laser in night vision is way too slow/restricted. Ai enemies could outrun my laser reticle.