User account not found

Despite trying many times my user account seems to not exist. Although, when I try to make a new account it says the e-mail is already in use. Don't know what's happening there?

Same Here..... Re installed the game, deleted local files, reset account password, still nothing....

There's a old post with a similar problem somewhere in the depths of this forum, but basically you need to get someone at Cyanide/Focus to reset your account - now, back when this was a (barely) supported game one of the admins would have contacted you by now, but as the game is basically dead (support-wise) you might need to go badgering them on social media they do reply to (Twitter for example), because they don't seem to bother replying here anymore.

Send your coach name to technical support, the email address linked to your account and a new password to the technical support by writing to:

P.S Always search for the exact problem you're facing, in order to get quick response.. I faced multi issues which already faced by focus home users. So i did simply searched that problem. And i got solution in no time 🙂

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