The new map has a bug/glitch on the last objective as security or as insurgents its the first objective. The window in the lviing room is bugged. The IR laser bounces off as if there was a glass window when in fact there is no glass and you cant shoot through enemies sometimes.

The facewear, combat glasses overlaps with the helmets.

Mich 2000 IR helmet doesn't work, it don't have a green blinking or any colour at all to identify me or my teammates who also wear the same gear. It works like other helmet which makes the IR on the helmet useless.

BUG- When ever I or my teammates take of their night vision goggles off and pick up a weapon/grenade the night vision turns back on automatically.

Spectator mod: When you spectate other players the night vision is on the head but not on the face as it is shown on the meny were you customasize yoru character, the goggles.

AS-val is to expensive as well, 7 point?!?