IR on the new helmet for nightfall don't work at all. Make it work so we can recoginse alleis easier and for more immersion.

For love of god, we need weapons for Observer, Commander. Itäs always Breacher or Advisor which get the new weapons, we really need weapons for observer/commander.

Also it would be epic to add a new function with toggling scopes like other games or like in real life.
The scopes which now costs 2 points in the game is made of 2 different scopes, it would be cool to toggle between 2x zoom or 1x zoom.

Also the NVG function which was added for nightfall can be toggled between normal aiming or NV aiming, COD has it, it just makes everything easier and smoother. Those changes will make the overall immersion better as well.

We are in dire need of new maps, we need 1 map for every 4-5 months. Or at least add 5 new maps and move on to other projects for cosmetic and weapon.

The game needs something new in COOp, instead of running, attacking, defending all over again like it is now in COOP, just add a map or 2 were you only have to defend like the map WOLF-LAND.

I would love to see AK-5 in the game, swedish army version. And perhaps controlling a drone/helicopter to shoot like other shooter games for at least 15-20 sec.