Skinning vs. IK animated suspension

So I decided to try to revamp the suspension setup for one of my tucks today and hit a bit of a roadblock (puns, puns everywhere...)
Originally the shocks/springs (coilovers) were more or less vertical so a quick skin and weight in 3DSMax worked and looked just fine. The new setup, however, has the coilovers at angles on 2 axes and doesn't work the same way...
I'll post screenshots for reference as soon as I can, but if any modders out there have any tips or suggestions on doing this it would be awesome. I'm basically looking more at the animation aspect, so if it can't be done with the angled coilovers without a bunch of IK I might just have to stick to my existing setup.

@Tattoo has a pretty good tutorial about this

angled suspension with normal skin modifier almost never looks good, especially when you have a lot of suspension travel (trust me, i tried :D)

Having seen some of your work, I'll take that as definitive. Watched @Tattoo 's IK tutorial many MANY times just trying to figure out how to animate my original suspension setup... Guess I'm sticking with the outboard rear coilovers on my JK for now...
Thanks! 🙂

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