Hello people,

I just registered to give some feedback/suggestions about Insurgency Sandstorm. I like the concept of the game but I think it could be improved to be much more immersive. Here are my suggestions:

  1. The player animations mostly look a bit dated and should be reworked to look more natural (especially the run animations look a bit simple imo). Death animations would be nice aswell.
  2. I don't like that the time to aim down sights is almost instant. This is unrealistic and doesn't look right. In my opinion it should be smoothed out and take a bit more time to aim down sights.
  3. Since this game is on Unreal Engine, the look of the game could be much improved by tweaking the lighting (in my opinion most of the maps look too clean right now), adding weather-effects (realistic snow, wind, dust etc.) and Quixel Megascan assets. Generally I think most textures look too flat right now and could get improved by using tesselation (normal maps, disiplacement maps etc.).
  4. Not sure if it's already in the game but in my opinion it would make sense to be able to make loadouts in the main menu.

Thx for reading my feedback. Greetings, have a nice day.