Before going any further I would like to say how much I really like the new NVG-point shoot mechanic that has been added to the game. I think that brings a while new play store and is incredibly cool to watch and do it in game however... I believe there can be improvements:
-The toggling is messy as it's sometimes inconsistent as to whether it will stay on or off before switching between weapons
-NVGs sometimes toggle spontaneously when switching out weapons (especially flashbangs) after turning the NVGs on/off
-The point shoot feature seems to have its sensitivity based on the optic you are shooting meaning that weapons with 1x magnification optics are pretty much fine but for the higher power optics the sensitivity changes making it unusable in CQB

May I suggest that rather than having the point shoot mechanic being locked to whether the NVGs are on it should be toggled separately or, more conveniently, when the side rail attachment is toggled