Here I want to inform you about some players that I couldn’t report in the game due to some technical problems. Tonight we were playing Insurgency: Sandstorm Community Test Environment testing the night maps with my friend. While playing, a player named ‘’vFils’’ started to flashing us on purpose randomly which makes us blind in game for a long time. We warned them about it but they continued flashing our visions and this gave harm to us causing or deaths. Despite our warning they made fun of us in chat section by racist discourses. We left the game, but they continued their harrasment by sending us friend requests, writing on our steam profiles offensive things. We tried to report them during the game but we couldn’t. vFils and his friends in game still continue writing on our steam profiles, threat us about hacking our social medias. They were spamming on our profiles nonstop so we had to block them and make our profiles private. I hardly come across this kind of players on Insurgency. This made us really disappointed by testing the new modes of the game. And their continuing to their harrasment thinking that they will get away with it really makes me disappointed. They shouldn’t be allowed to say something racist things like that. I couldn’t report them so I decided to write this to you.

For turkish - Beni ırkları ülkemi ve cinsiyetlerden bahsederek toplu spamda bulunuyorlar bu ve diğer 3 arkadaşı ile profilimde spam yazı ırkçılıkla alakalı söylemlerde bulunarak taciz ediyorlar tanığım kişilere arkadaşlık isteği atarak onlarıda rahatsız ediyorlar bu kişiler hakkında şikayetciyim profillerinde ki duvar yazılarını inceleyebilirsiniz