Custom map / road textures

Does anyone here have a quick pointer to a tutorial or doc on how to use a custom texture as a road type or landscape texture? Which format should the .dds file be saved as for textures? What folders do the textures need to go into and what is the naming scheme? It seems like the format for textures is different than the .dds format for heightfields. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

I did some experimenting this morning and it looks like you can use the nvidia exporter to create the flat textures. It worked using the following settings

  • ARGB 32 bpp unsigned

  • 2D Texture

  • No MIP maps

  • Save Flipped Vertically

I tested this by replacing an existing texture in the file. I think i may be able to create net new textures without replacing the old ones. Testing that now. 🙂

So custom new entries confirmed. Save the .dds file using the specs above and place them in your file. You will also need to create a terrain class file for the texture. These can be found here.

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Spintires MudRunner\Media\classes\terrains

I would recommend copying an existing class that closely matches the terrain type you are creating. You can browse the other class types to get a feel for which option are available to you in terms of whether grass grows there or not, or if the land is extrude-able.

After looking at what is required to integrate these custom textures in to a map mod deployment, i'm a little hesitant to use custom textures due to how complicated it can be for an end user to get the files into the right location. Its hard enough just getting people set up with the standard .dds and .stg files. 🙂

TIP: I'd recommend copying existing texture file and class files for your own. Just rename them. If you do this do not forget to update the texture name in the class file.

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