[5.4] wheel and pedals completely unusable

Up till now the Trustmaster TMX with pedals worked basically (though not good enough because of no clutch an no shifter), but with 5.4 they are a mess.
The truck always wants to go backwards and the steering doesn’t work.
And as mentioned elsewhere you can’t switch presets in wheel options.

That was the objective part, now the emotional one:
How on earth should the live game ever be playable if the PTS gets worse with every new update? Development is a one way street but you managed to move down in the opposite direction 😭

Update: I got the wheel fixed by wildly clicking around in the settings menu. At some point there came an info that the buttons have to be resetted or something. By agreeing my individual settings came back by surprise. This user interface reminds me of some chinese apps. They are like fortune cookies, never knowing what happens next and no indicators what functions are hidden where.

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I use a Thrustmaster TX which in the original game worked fine but every time I start the game I have to immediately go to settings and switch from custom to another preset, either left or right, and back to custom to reboot my custom binds. On the PTS version when I start the game it automatically starts on the wrong wheel preset and I can't change it so my wheel doesn't work at all until I go to settings, scroll down to any button bind slot, click to rebind that action, then when it pops up and says that I have to change it to "custom", click accept, then another bubble pops up saying "any key" or "esc" to cancel, I hit esc and my custom settings are returned. Btw, this problem with the PTS didn't exist prior to yesterday's (6/2/2020) patch.

Got the same problem with my Logitech Driving Force GT.
It is working quite fine in the normal version but with the PTS my steering wheel is completely unusable...

My generic steering wheel is also not working with Snow Runner but with Mud Runner it works with no problems at all - I wonder what the problem is.