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This is Coach Arthur Dee of 40 Below C&G, with the second installment of our Season XII Climb for the Cup.

      • Season XII - The Dark’rside Dreampirates

As official opening ceremonies of a lesser international competition kicked-off and lit their magic flaming cauldron on the other side of the globe, the Dark’rside Dreampirates set-off for another day of dream-piracy and Blood Bowl competition on the XBLOX console.

After a discouraging prior game night marred by system instability, we were able to rally in the rankings to (as of writing) 36th place from 50th, going 2-2-2 on the day, and improving to 10-2-5 overall. This puts our Dark Elf team one match below qualification position, and three matches below leading racial position. With eleven days remaining in the competition, we believe our pirates can compete for the strongest Dark Elf squad on the ladder, and one or two more gaming sessions should prove enough to get us into the Champions Cup knockout round of 32.

Thanks to your nosey, neighborhood Goblin Spy, you can see our team looking thusly after 17* matches:

0_1518333551371_Screen Shot 2018-02-10 at 10.18.09 PM.png
x3 Re-roll Counters
x1 Apothecary
x5 Fan Factor
Team Value 1790
Treasury 120K

I am having a blast piloting this team. While having such expensive players is a large change for me, the options afforded them and the way they are advancing makes me excited by the prospect of developing them into the postseason.

      • Rising Stars

Team standouts so-far go to #13 Daria Dronechurch the Witch Elf, and #4 Regis Remwraith the Blitzer.

After rolling a Doubles skill for our first witch’s first advancement, I remembered catching a bit of advice from watching one of @andydavo 's PC matches on the Youtubes (is there a quality Blood Bowl parody name/logo for YouTube yet? GluTube? MeTube? ). Coach Davo suggested giving a Witch Elf Mighty Blow on Doubles, and I have not regretted it once. As Witches get called-upon for blitzing duty so often already, the extra muscle when it comes to knockdowns over pushes has been paying dividends. Dronechurch is already approaching her third skill advancement, and the bodies keep piling-up beneath her thigh-high studded boots.

The player I have been most excited to have on the team is Regis Remwraith. While the Blitzer is only level III, he advanced with Dodge and +1 Agility, making him a possible game-changer any time he’s on the pitch. If any readers have not yet had the experience coaching an Agility 5 (or 6!) player, it can be a different kind of Blood Bowl if you can keep rolling higher than a 1. I found myself boggled by options in the first matches after his Agility increase, and have made it a point to better practice his positioning and timing for the heroic tries. Here’s hoping he advances his way to Leap!
Long may he Plunder.

. . .

This day was the best series of matches yet.
Coaches played in match-order:

@GnomeslayerTrn1 (C-)
@Rambo2369 (C+)

I am beyond stoked to continue playing with several of the leading coaches on the console. The matches were too damn exciting at moments (It’s still only the regular season!), and I look forward to more wild times shared ahead. The only issues were another pair of "concessions". The first came after queueing for nearly an hour, freezing and dropping the match at load-screen with the top-ranked Skaven team, tallying us with our fourth concession of the season, and a dynamite match ruined by the top-ranked High Elf coach's system freezing and crashing in the second half. We owe you both proper full-length contests next-go-round!

      • Match-of-the-Day

The Khemri Blood Bowlers of Skeleton of the Universe sounds like they should be coached by Frank Langella, and not Nadjines, but this meeting gets my vote for Match-of-the-day.

After going up 2-nil at halftime, and preparing to receive the ball after the mid-match break, the Dreampirates were feeling pretty damned good (evil?) about pocketing some points for their climb up the leaderboard. A positive result looked even more assured when the clouds rolled-in and the Rain began to Pour down. Just like in real life, everyone knows that skeletons are terrible at playing football in the rain. I was unprepared, however, to witness the inflicting of mass unconsciousness upon my players, as the thunder led to lightning, and the Khemri battled-back two scores for the 2-2 draw!


  1. If your opponent has hired a Wizard for the match, always make sure your ballcarrier has a buddy, in the unfortunate event of him/her getting struck by magic lightning.
  2. "Win by the scattered ball, Lose by the scattered ball." - Khaïssa
  3. I now have empirical proof that I am more comfortable on defense!

. . .

We hope you enjoyed our continuing coverage of our Season XII campaign, and be sure to check out more XBLOX coaches like BLADE2993, GnomeSlayerTrn1, and others, in the PC/PS4/XBLOX Cross Platform Cup going-on now!

There has never been a better time to be a Blood Bowl fan!

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