Winch automatically pulls

In the PTS version, occaisionally the winch automatically starts pulling upon connection while i still have the action menu "v" open and i'm unable to control the truck. Minor problem but somewhat annoying.

Hello, that's happened to me too, as soon as you connect the winch it will start pulling without press any key and while de "V" menu still open, In my case is more likely to happen if i try to winch from a winch point in the trailer attached to the truck.(But it happen with other combinations to appears to be a little random)

Yep this is already reported:

  1. Select a winch, then hook point, press F to pull.
  2. Without releasing "F" press "V" to go to functions
  3. The winch pulls you by itself, and will do this even after you break it off by pressing "R" and select a new hook point.

This will continue until you press "F".

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@Dvoryaninoff I winch by pressing V first to select a winch point (I don't do quick winch). Even with that, I sometimes get the automatic pulling.

I have the winch pulling automatically when connecting sometimes .

This post is deleted!

I got pulled off a the bridge in the port map in michigan trying to load my last container because this. Lol rage quit