Thank you very much for adding proper FFB, and the ability to control forces. I was finally able to set up friction the way it is comfortable for me to drive. But there are still some issues I would like to address.

  • Add option to disable automatic reverse in auto mode. This issue has been addressed numerous time by multiple people. Please add it finally.
  • There is a clear conflict between keyboard controls and steering wheel. When the wheel is connected the keyboard steering became off. Mouse movement to control camera position activates keyboard controls and control hints. At the same time wheel movement activates wheel control hints. These constant blinking of control hints create distraction and must be addressed.
  • When you change trucks, if the truck was on rough terrain or had collision model conflict with some object (another truck or cargo) it creates a powerful punch into the wheel, that can be very unexpected and harmful for player arms and fingers. Please address it ASAP. There are several possible solution – add option do disable automatic centering (so steering wheel position will always take priority over virtual truck wheels), add force regulation for wheel centering, so players have an option to regulate the impact or add gradual force application, when the wheel first vibrates to signal the user about intention, then gradually centers itself.
  • There are sometimes glitches when the wheel get pulled to one side and stay there completely nonfunctional until you restart the game. Often this happens when changing the truck and/or changing the zone.
  • Custom game settings still does not work as well as H-shifter

Game version: PTS v5.5 - Premium Edition + Pre-Order Bonus
Platform: PC Epic
PC Build: 6QF-697.pdf
Wheel/Pedals used: Logitech G29 + H-shifter (G HUB v2020.3.44132)

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