So I think this is a very good system for beginners to get into the game, however I think unlock tree isn't entirely optimal.

I think the breacher comes in way too early as number 2, actually it's not an easy class to play at all. In fact is a very difficult task because you go in right into the action, you need to clear rooms and enemies can come from any angle. You need to be fast, skilled and need some experience of the maps in how to approach objectives. Beginners occupying this class is not a good idea and should be one of the last unlocks.

So what I think it should be like:

  1. Rifleman
  2. Advisor (basically same as rifleman but with more versatility).
  3. Machinegunner (all you need to do is hold angles, marksman, demo and breacher should definitely come later).
  4. Demolitions (there is more than taking down choppers, demo is a very good class for clearing out rooms and objectives, overall a very important role on the team and should be available for more experienced players).
  5. Marksman (it's actually not all that easy to be a really supportive marksman)
  6. Breacher (like i described)
  7. Observer (obvious)
  8. Commander (obvious)

About the new weapons, I think both factions breachers and advisors should each get 1 new gun. It makes much more sense for the advisors to get the AS VAL and Honey Badger as they're such exotic weapons. This would make the advisor also a bit more versatile (a good stealthy option and also good for beginners so they can still get a taste of CQB combat). The mk18 and AKS-74U are much more common and typical CQB weapons so should be exclusive to the breacher. Also it's good for the breacher to atleast have one super sonic option.