permanent progression system for skill tree (Single player)

Hey just writing here to say I loved the game (and thanks for developing it of course) but I found one of the biggest issues for me was regarding the skill tree .

Might be much to ask for but I was hoping maybe down the line you would look into the possibility of introducing a permanent progression system for the skill tree in single player ? Just seems kind of wrong putting so much effort into upgrading skills in a campaign to be put back to the start of the skill tree once you start the game again ?? Least if it the skill tree was permanent I'd(and hopefully others ) would be much happier facing back into replaying the campaign killing hoards of xenos with pervious skills still present. If people would be afraid of it becoming to easy just up the difficulty and enjoy .

Would love to hear your thoughts on it and a response .

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I also think the same as you.

Je pense aussi la même chose que toi.

Yes Newgame + would be the needed!

Wait until Enhanced edition in a month.