Rox Valley Trailhead Beta Test

Beta Test Closed

Map has been released! Get it here!

Hey guys back again this time looking for group of people to privately test v2 of Rox Valley Trails getting very close to release. This being the case I'm not doing a public test this go around. If interested drop a post below and I'll pm you with the link. Happy Trailing!

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@drgonzo1489 I'd be interested it testing it. I enjoyed the first version.

@drgonzo1489 said in Rox Valley Trailhead Beta Test:

If interested drop a post below and I'll pm you with the link. Happy Trailing!

Heya, I would like to give it a go, had a lot fun in the previous part.
Looking forward to test V2 !



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I'll do it I love the first version.

hi , i would be happy to offer a review for v2 of your Rox Valley Map. i have only 350 hours of mapping experience, no published maps yet. but i would like to offer you my views on what appears to be a knock-out map.. looking forward to your reply, Rufus

this map will not disappoint, holy crap!

Too much fun! That's my only complaint. Seriously's got exactly what I want in a map for sure. Proper difficulty. And plenty of it. I want something I can grind HARD on. For hours on end. Nothing beats the feeling of success you get from banging on an obstacle for 20, 30, 40+ minutes and FINALLY getting through it without using the winch. Man I fricken LOVE that! Can't get enough of it. I don't even get annoyed if I do end up having to winch a bit to get her done. Impossible is a good thing. Close to impossible...even better.

New rig, new trails, who could ask for more?




Nice work bro. You definitely made some true improvements to it. I can't see how you could make it any better. But it wouldn't surprise me if you found a way either. You've got real creative talent. Thanks for sharing it with us.

@mudhappy those are some seriously sick shots! glad you enjoyed it and thanks i try to make things as nature would have them.... doesnt always workout, but i surprise myself sometimes..... : ) Anyways its been a while since i really went at a map like this so im glad its going relatively

hey if your still doing testing on this map i woud love to try it out the first one version was great cant wait to see what else you have done

@adversefungus I'm actually looking to release this map by next weekend. I've got some big changes happening to parts of the map that are going to be unseen until final release, so the next upload will be a final polished version. That said things are always open for change and revision. I'm currently at V3 for the test phase of the map. I will refer you to this link for more info. Happy trails!

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@drgonzo1489 sweet cant wait to see what has changed. i will be waiting patiently

Going live later @ 9:30PM EST with some beta testing! Feel free to join in and watch 🙂

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