Patch 5.5 Cargo loading problem

So, now that we finally don't get cargo falling through trailers anymore, a new problem around this occur, and i'm not sure this is a bug, it's probably just hasn't been enough thinking gone in to this matter, i'll explain.

If you spawn a truck with a Crane and a hitch with the intention of hauling your cargo this way, there is no way you can spawn cargo if detatching trailer from truck.
I want to:
A:park trailer besides loading bay
B:spawn cargo and start loading it manually with my crane
This can't be done!

You can only get the "C" Cargo managment button to show when you have:
A:Truck with loading capabilities
B:Trailer with loading capabilities attached to Truck.

This is in my opinion is a bad design choise.

I want to position my truck inbetween loading bay and trailer and start loading/spawning/loading etc, rince and repeat.
Or as in video below, have my truck in an L position to bay/trailer.

Please fix this!

Video click here

@evilomatic The manual loading appears to be an afterthought in this game. It's like the devs were assuming everyone would only auto-load and manual loading was given minimal testing.

Perhaps soo, but i bet it will be more people interested in it now when finally the falling through problem seems to be fixed

it was always like this (xbox) - no cargo space- no cargo spawn

but you can use winch - connect to vehicle (alone trailer -?) with space and be able to spawn.

I have a solution. Winch to the trailer, then you will get cargo spawning option.
But I agree, this bug should be addressed as well.

tbh i didnt do much manual loading i didnt see the benefits at the end of the missions but when i tipped over i did so the comment about the manual loading been an afterthought is probably 100% true

@Tigron said in Patch 5.5 Cargo loading problem:

I have a solution. Winch to the trailer, then you will get cargo spawning option.
But I agree, this bug should be addressed as well.

Yes, this also works if you temporarily attach your winch to another truck that has cargo capacity. Saves having to switch back-and-forth each time you want to spawn a single unit of cargo.

It really does need addressing.
It should be simple enough to allow crane-equipped trucks access to that menu regardless of cargo capacity.

...but further to that, it'd be nice if it was possible to spawn more than a single unit of cargo at a time too. Often the cargo loading platforms could easily fit 4-6 units, but you only ever get a single one spawn right in the middle.

I think a better overall solution could actually be to have one unit of each available cargo already in position on a loading platform at all times, so you can just go pick it straight up... then once that instance is moved away from its spawn-position, another one is spawned in a few seconds later. That'd save the need for a menu at all.