Only simultaneous turn way?

Hello I have been reading about this game, I like very much mordheim and I thought this game would be like other but I read this game work with simultaneous turn. I don't like this way. Are there traditional turn-based way like other option?

We don't have information on that yet. The preorder discount will remain till release and they have said that there will be gameplay trailers which should hopefully answer some of our questions.

I would assume the turn order would be like Mordheim, with it going on a character by character basis. I've seen no confirmation of this, but that's how the Table Top works and it's how their last game worked. I mean sucks you don't like it that way, personally I did. It's one of those things where "you can't please everybody" applies.

@DeTortor No, he means each player gets to move a character at literally the exact time. That's how Necromunda was played in the alpha. We are hoping it goes back to how Mordheim was played.

That does sound like an odd mechanic. I don't know how I feel about that, I would have been interested to see how that worked.

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they have said that there will be gameplay trailers

Well I cancelled my preorder. IF they do release some gameplay trailers, and IF those restore confidence in this product, maybe I'll put in another preorder. At this stage I feel like the sane option is waiting until (well after) actual release though.

I wish they'd at least give us clarification on this. I have faith in Rogue Factor to make a decent game but a real time squad shooter isn't what I'm personally looking for in a Necromunda game. I get that the option may expand appeal but imagine what would of happened if Blood Bowl put all it's eggs in the real time mode basket (it was horrendous if you never played the first iteration on PC). Ok extreme example & I doubt Necromunda would be made in such a manner but that is the image real time conjures up to any warhammer TT players I've spoken to.

I'm not fussed about lack of gameplay as much as most others seem to be, I'll trust RF on that they earned it & I'll probably grab it either way it's just a difference of preorder vs wait for it to get in 70% off steam sale bracket.

The thing that concerns me the most is change in behaviour. I got Mordheim as soon as it arrived on steam early access (pc couldn't even run it properly at the time), they did a stream & I really liked how they seemed so pumped to get people into their vision of the world & then all working together fully flesh it out. What followed was an impressive level of transparency throughout early access that began earning respect & trust that only grew during the games life span.

Personally I believe GW has more to do with the silence than RF, Goliath just got their book Escher is incoming & Orlock will follow. If the game includes the likes of Stimmers & Wyld Runners then GW may have wanted to announce/ show them on board first. but essentially it's all conjecture at this point.

Man I wish I hadn't been at sea for most of the alpha & could of signed up (well I could of but it would of denied a person who would actually do some serious testing that benefits all of us). One of the few good things about being made redundant is that I defo wont miss release now xD well that & the amount of time I've got to finish off painting my Drukhari kill team!

I believe it will be a well crafted game, I'm just waiting to find out if it's for me or not.

@Seydlitz It's regular turn based. Each participating team picks one member based on initiative each round, by order of initiative. So basically it's mordheim but if you couldn't have two of your members go in a row.

Thanks @Strife , yeah the first dev blog confirmed they'd done away with the real time opening phase which was enough to nudge a preorder out of me. Honestly 5 man team max is abit sucky but not a deal breaker for me. Rumours of the removal of fall damage & morale I find more concerning but I'm putting those down to steam hyperbole at the moment as no morale system makes zero sense. No fall damage is abit weird but doesn't remove the climb/ jump test just the worst result however take out morale & you're essentially just taking it in turns to take pot shots till OoA.

@Seydlitz 5 man is good because of the addition of 2v2 gameplay. 2v2 players is basically 10 v 10 units. 2v2 players doesn't work with a 10 ganger cap though..40 individual turns each round? Sounds awful. In a perfect world they allow 10v10 for single player and 5v5 for multiplayer, but frankly this system is still better than mordheim as it allows you to have fun with friends more.

Extraction zones are mentioned, so my assumption is you can only voluntarily rout, which I'm good with.

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I definitely agree with you on four way battles be they 1v1v1v1, 2v2 etc. I'd rather have the option to scale my game but as I said above it's not a big issue for me.

Morale I think is important but I'll be honest I don't play the new Necromunda I'm a kill team player so maybe it's less of a factor now (for all I know "bottling it" isn't a thing anymore) but using KT as an example I field a Kabal led force, when facing certain types of force composition my goal is as much to get flesh wounds / nerve tests as it is to take models off the table, obviously I'd rather not fluff the injury roll but It's another factor I can work with. A shaken model in key position can change from a tar pit to a shot blocker for your opponent instead.

Situations like that make me lament the wealth of tactics open to us that would disappear should morale be removed. I don't think it'll break the game or even detract from enjoyment of whats there but it will remove a whole strategy from the game & more options is always better imo.

@Seydlitz they definitely won’t be using anything that resembles the new Necromunda rules for bottling as with only 5 people per gang they will bottle 50% of the time after a single casualty. The good bit about the new rules though is that failing the bottle tamest doesn’t automatically end the game but each fighter then needs to pass a cool check each round to stay on the board.

They probably won’t be using the old Necromunda rules either which was to start testing after 25% casualties and have the whole gang leave, similar to the Mordheim mechanic.

All of this is different to the break test mechanic where they run for cover of a nearby fighter gets killed of injured.

So there are a few different morale mechanics they could implement but they will be substantially different to the tabletop rules.

Ah, very similar to kill team but more in depth at the same time. We'll just have to see what RF have in store for us. I was tempted by the latest box set for the terrain alone (looks frikkin amazing for some cqb/ ambushy KT games) but stumbled upon a Killzone box & grabbed that instead, probably a good thing or I'd be collecting a gang too!

Thanks for the summary of the new rules @almic85 gave me alot to think about.