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@Sodoma it there any time frame as to when we will see the press articles pertaining to the discussions about the future of Mudrunner last week at Focus.

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My guess is within this week 🙂
Due to DLC release on tuesday, articles might be possible on thursday, but it's just my guess...

lol is he trying to load logs on a class? XD

@Iyagovos is there any update as to when the press articles will come out about the Mudrunner future talks

I'm actually tired of waiting on the press release news. Shouldn't take this long to release the news. It's been over a week now. I shouldn't care anyway. It will be a long time before anything more will be released on this game.

@cleanracer45 well considering the "hiccup" shall we say (broken issues with the DLC update) they are probably a bit busy and maybe even will put something in the release touching on these issues that happened. idk, but it should be out soon though.

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The embargo lifted Wednesday, journalists who discussed with the team are now free to publish their articles. But we haven't seen many articles yet.

Like I said though, it will be months before we get anything new so I'm not really worried about it at this point. Waited a few months for the Valley, only to beat it in a couple days. That was me not playing it continuously for hours. I love the game, don't get me wrong but it's seriously lacking in content and doesn't offer much after the logs are delivered. Too much wasted space on the maps too. Too many areas with nothing but trees and no point traveling to these areas. Heck, even after finishing the Valley, it tells you you've unlocked more maps and vehicles, which there aren't any more. This game needs about 2 more years of development. Hopefully I'll still be playing games by then. I'm old lol

@Pavel is there any new information you can give us regarding the USA expansion? Due to the lack of actual press articles or any coverage really we the consumers and fans know the same amount "Absolutely Nothing" about this as we did when you all posted the discussions on Facebook a week ago.

@netheos said in Mudrunner Press Articles:

The embargo lifted Wednesday, journalists who discussed with the team are now free to publish their articles. But we haven't seen many articles yet.

Sorry but, at this point, can't you just post such infos by yourselves? Why do you have to rely on journalists that don't seem to care at all? It'd make much more sense to have a direct communication with your customers and fans. Just my two cents.

Just to understand, in here on the official forums we receive no news from the dev team while they appear in magazines and stuff?!
This doesn't sound too promising for the future quality of what will come.

so many AHHHHHs in interview sadly there is not much to say about game at this moment 😞

Just uhhhhhh, ahhhhh, uhhhhh, uhhhhhh. So we can expect more ughhhs and ahhhhs in the future. Coming to Switch, another DLC coming and a Game of the Year edition? With them just talking to the automakers, I'll be 65 when this releases lol.

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