My Ears ?! Fix the Hummer H2 noise please v5.5 !

I hearding not a creaking noise (the sounds of the suspension do not bother me) but an unbearable "beep... beep...beep " when I ride with the Hummer H2, with headphones or not it's really horrible and it's only with the Hummer
This noise is really useless... my ears are bleeding !

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Yup that sharp "SQUICK" beep / squeek sound has been in the H2 suspension sounds since the start. Extremely annoying for it being one of the newer model year trucks. To be 100% clear here, there are 2 squeeks in the H2 suspension sound, a normal rather quiet squeeking / scraping, but also this much much louder and faster "SQUICK" sound.

UPDATE! It sounds like this audio squeak in the hummer suspension was fixed in the latest patch! H2 fans rejoice the hummer now sounds 100% less squeaky!!

it was “fixed” in patch 5 (for console)
well, not fixed actually...they just dumbed down ALL suspension and other noises, for ALL we all suffer from it, barely hearing any noise, asking to turn it back...

this is how it works here - a couple of whiners shouting - such a loud noise, our ears are the same time 99.9% of players are fine with it (i used h2 a lot and liked its noise, do you know last h2 was produced 11!!! year ago? it CAN have all noises on earth, and all, even modern vehicles, are USED in sr)

so devs react on such bullshit, and downgrade the game futher...

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