I'm a huge fan of Mudrunner and was really looking forward to the release of Snowrunner. However, Snowrunner has become one of the most glitches games I've ever played on console (Xbox one version). Due to these errors the game is at times incredibly stressful to play. I'm curious if it may be a case of "to much, to fast". The size and complexity of the game is almost exponentially larger than its predecessor and this can lead to rampant bugs/glitches. I'll list a few: cargo and vehicles unable to be loaded because they pass through one another, vehicles losing ability to steer while travelling off-road (specifically in Island Lake), vehicles popping high in the air when being switched between, vehicles travelling down, up, sideways when overturned causing high amounts of damage, contracts and tasks becoming unable to complete even when all objectives have been met, in map trailers being "stuck" below grade making them impossible to attach, etc. I understand that Snowrunner may not be a game that garners a lot of attention in development and troubleshooting due to its genre in comparison to hugely popular games (Call of Duty, Forza, GoW, Far Cry, AC, etc.). I really hope the devs at Focus spend some time patching the enormous amount of errors players are experiencing especially since there are going to be coming expansions which may only compound these issues. PLEASE FOCUS, READ THESE FORUMS AND PATCH THESE ERRORS.