MudRunner - The Valley Is Now Available!


Update 20/02/2018:

Hi all! We've just introduced a new hotfix that addresses some performance issues that were reported in the PC versions of MudRunner after The Valley.


Original message:

Hi all!

The Valley, a free DLC for MudRunner is out now! It's now available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One in all regions. Please remember that on PS4 and Xbox One, you will need to download separately from the game, by adding it to your account in the respective stores.

Included in this update is:

  • A new map: The Valley
  • Three vehicles: The E-7429, the C-6317 and the A-969
  • Ten new vehicle addons
    • C-6317 Spare wheel
    • A-969 Spare wheel
    • A-969 Fuel canisters
    • A-969 Garage parts
    • A-969 Utility attachment
    • E-7429 Advanced trailer hitch
    • E-7429 Repair kit
    • E-7429 (compatible with E-7310 from base game) Garage semi-trailer
    • Medium log trailer (compatible with some of base game trucks)
    • Medium log trailer's logs load
  • Various bug fixes


We are currently investigating reports of poor performance in this latest update. If you encounter performance issues with this update, please try the following:

1. Unsubscribe from all mods
2. Delete your profile found in C:\User[user]\AppData\Roaming\MudRunner (This is cloud synced, so you won't lose your progress, but we recommend backing up this file just in case).
3. Re-install the game.

This should help with the issue while we work on a fix.

Change Log:

All Platforms

  • Letters are now properly automatically uppercased
  • Linebreaks were fixed
  • Minor improvements to autowinch point selection.
  • Minor improvements to the legacy camera mode
  • Minor improvements to sounds
  • Minor water shading and other texture improvements
  • Minor truck setup improvements
  • Lobby members will now select the trucks they want to use when entering a map
  • Steering Wheels Differential Lock in hardcore mode will now behave the same way as in casual mode.
  • Some vehicles are now able to toggle differential lock on and off
  • Soil has been made softer

PC Only

  • The game will now detect available video memory and will downgrade textures if they don't fit.
  • Lobby hosts will now select up to eight mods for the game.

Enjoy, and we'll see you soon!

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Any rough estimate when It's live on PC? Steam is showing nothing sadly. Still shows last years update? Or am I missing something simple? haha.

Thank you for the free DLC! MZKT is cool!

I have the valley listed under DLCs in steam... but if start the game i only see the 6 standard maps?

EDIT: restarting steam started the download 🙂

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Oh I see it under DLC now, just restarted and got an update.

Hi all,

If you're not seeing it on Steam, please restart Steam. This should fix the issue

That's done it cheers.

David and Goliath much?
alt text

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What about the E-7429 hidden feature?

Something in this DLC kills framerates completely...

@glob3troller If you're noticing bad frame rates, could you please create a post in the forums saying your specs and whether or not you are playing with mods?

i am still uploading the update, but i hope there is nothing wrong. i have seen where a few people are having issues now after the update and my PC (which is ok at best) is close to borderline already as the game is.

Seems to be running okay on my ancient rig, maybe even a little bit better...
Has the draw distance/"physics bubble" been increased?
Also, locking front diffs in hardcore mode RULES! 😃

ok, one thing i have found so far. i do not like the idea that this update has removed the mod map i was currently playing. so just to let people know who might be in the middle of playing a modded map. you might want to wait to update if you want to finish that mod map without reinstalling it and restarting it.

edit: i have not checked see if any other mods or files have been changed yet though.

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Splendid, thank you!

oh yes, confirmed this update breaks/uninstalls mods fyi.

it was only me who realized, but I had a graphical improvement in terms of texture in the consoles ???😮😶

I also noticed a graphic improvement in water👍

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@iyagovos can we get a warning added to this announcement that for PC this update will break mods and they will need to be reinstalled once updated please?

@iyagovos, Sweet !! Thanks for the free stuff !!

After the update, the mod maps have disappeared...and my progress on them.
Will the update accept mod maps in the created media folder?
Will it accept many maps, because before this DLC, installing more maps would make them disappear and no scroll option to move them u/down