MudRunner - The Valley Is Now Available!

@8up-local Hi there, yes, this is a hotfix for the issue. Please let us know if it fixes any issues you were having.

@iyagovos very nice, i was not having any issues myself, that i can tell anyway. i am sure others will let you know if there are any more problems or if the hotfix works. hopefully this hotfix will remedy these issues since the DLC update.

@8up-local i was not having any issues either but now i have cause mudrunner.exe is not working of course and all the progress with 3 different costume maps are lost very nice indeed...

next time ill be sure to not download update before i know what it brings.. apparently nothing for me

@zamal that is strange, my game is working just fine and not having any issues. game starts up and my custom maps are right where i left off.

@8up-local u using mudrunner.exe mod? or uv locally crated media folder and linked it to config?

@zamal i always manually set my files up (STMR mod excluded). i make my own folder and add the path line to the game config myself. it is easier and faster imo than what it takes to even find and download the mod.

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@8up-local yeah i guess its fault on my side using + to run maps 😞 i used that tactic u mentioned when i started then switched ill switch back lol any chance i can reincarnate save files for costume maps?

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@zamal all maps saves Stock or custom are saved in your game cache. once you reinstall the mod maps you should be able to start right back where you were. provided you did not delete those save files. although if you have your steam cloud sync turned on they may be saved there as well. i am not sure though about that part since i turned mine off.

after some checking around it this fix has broken STMR (ST+) mod again, but i can not find any issues with the rest of my game so far.

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i am guessing this was a part of the "Various bugs fixed", but i would like to say thank you for the removal of the controls overlay when taking screenshots. for some it is no issue, but for me it is so nice not to have to stop and set up for a pic just because of the way i use my controls.

@iyagovos said in Spintires: MudRunner - The Valley Is Now Available!:

Hi @JustaFordGuy,

Could you please try the public beta listed here?

This should fix the issue, but let us know if it doesn't.

Hi @torcuato8 and @Russ,

If you're looking for a way to force 1080p, you can do so with this method: Settings>Display and Sound> Video output > TV Resolution > 1080p

Be aware that this will set your whole console to 1080p, and you will need to revert this if you want to play in 4k again.

I only have a 1080p screen. My One X has always been set for 1080p. Before the update the game seems to have an unlocked frame rate hitting 60fps most of the time and it looked really nice and natural. Now the framerate is downgraded to a locked 30fps.

@8up-local very well i did manual map adding and save files are there indeed ty my man

So I just tried to launch Mudrunner through Steam as usual. First thing I noticed was no workshop in steam anymore.
Then all my mod maps disappeared.

What's going on?

The version of mudrunner is 18/01/29b.
If the b stands for beta, that's very disturbing as I have never signed up for this beta trial !

EDIT: all the truck mods I downloaded are present and working. Only the mod maps are missing... I guess they disappeared when Steam updated Mudrunner with the beta version (which I did not ask for...)

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The empty workshop in Steam is still weird though. Is it just me or other people have noticed this?

Also, it's annoying to lose our mod maps each time Mudrunner is updated through Steam. Can you fix that ?
Maybe it's not in the dev responsability though...

Hi there,

The version 18/01/29b is not a beta branch, it is the hotfixed update of the latest update.

Thank you for your quick reply.

Any explanation on the empty workshop in Steam ? Or is it just me ?

@iyagovos said in Spintires: MudRunner - The Valley Is Now Available!:

Hi there,

The version 18/01/29b is not a beta branch, it is the hotfixed update of the latest update.

Абсолютно ничего не исправлено, патч из бета перешел в основу. Вылеты с карт как были так и остались...

@minikeum my user maps are working fine. question, did you use the map mod for adding maps to the game or are you doing it manually? just curious if there is something to this. since i do mine manually and had no trouble. also seems zamal has fixed this issue as well by manually adding maps instead of using the mod.

also it seems the workshop is having issues with other games as well, but i have not confirmed this personally.

Yes I've always installed them manually...

@minikeum well if you are installing the maps correctly then about the only other thing i can think of is making sure your call out line in the game config is correct. i am figuring it is, but just have to ask to be safe.

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