Styx Shards of Darkness WHat's next? (Picture)

0_1518518250780_styx picture.jpeg Hello
I end last part of Styx and i can;t wait for more games like this
so my question is : Will be next part of STYX???

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Hi, nothing announced about a potential new Styx game. Have a nice day!

hope there wil be a game 3 it is a great game

@mikewiertz I think that first part had a climate but graphically came out poorly and the second one was fine-tuned in terms of graphics, which is why it should create a third combining good elements of the first and second part

Then, are there any plans in future ? ( for this champion(styx))

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Hi there,

Thank you for your continued interest in Styx! At this time, we've got nothing to announce about Styx in the future.

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