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This is my first post on this forum and since this is an angry one, I just want to precise I take the time to do this because I love this game and I think it is great. I hope this is the right place to get Cyanide's attention. Otherwise, please redirect me to the proper channels.

Having said that, I don't understand how matchmaking can be so horrible. First of all, and this is an easy one, how can it be a good idea to let people play with a 500 TV difference? I mean, it's not like there are not enough players to play a more balanced matchup. I won't hide that I'm writing this because my team just got completely destroyed (had to delete it after) by a Chaos team 500TV higher than me with lots of Claw and Mighty Blow. My goal is not to be competitive and qualify for the playoffs, I just want to have a good time playing games and make my team evolve. Half my team was lvl 2 with one lvl 3 and I get matched against a fully developped team of killers just ruining my team I had already played 10 games with. Please just limit the TV difference to 300 or something.

I also play private leagues with friends and I don't understand how we have to wait 5 minutes to play each other if we are only two coaches searching for a game in a private ladder. There really should be a way to speed up the process (other than playing friendly matches because you can't make a team progress that way).

Again, I love this game, but it seems that there were absolutely 0 effort put into matchmaking which is a shame.

Please tell me you will fix this, I'm sure everyone would agree.

Thanks and sorry for the tone of this message, it's just that it's totally ruining my experience with this awesome game.

  1. They looked at the data for limiting it to 300TV, and they found that it would have to much effect on the amount of games played (you'll need to do a search on the forum for more details on that, though it has been discussed many times).

  2. The 5-minute wait in private leagues is stupid, and people have repeatedly asked for it to be removed/changed, but they haven't, and seeing as the game no longer seems to be developed, or even fixed, I wouldn't hold your breath.

Thanks for the reply. I suppose I had too good of a start with that team and that's why I was being matched against stronger teams. Turns out the team who destroyed mine is 4th of the champion ladder now. I'm having a good start with my new team as well, but so far I've managed to survive ^^' (didn't meet claws yet)

EDIT: Also, I like playing with Grashnak so I usually don't mind a 300 TV difference XD

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