FYI: new update breaks/uninstalls mods.

i am sure a few of you have found out by now that his new valley DLC update breaks mods, as in it uninstalls them. so just to let people know when you download the update be prepared to spend a bit of time putting your modded files back the way you had them.

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Yup found that out the hard way just finished putting everything back in...All my maps were gone and the path for the media folder, tattoos gearbox, however, the 4gig and mudrunner plus still worked but I reinstalled them anyway.

@smaronenine STMR mod was still there for you? strange but yet lucky? mine is totally gone and i have to install it again.

@8up-local yeah man still worked very i said just my maps and paths were messed up.

ok after a bit of digging the new update has replaced my edited files as well (texture, media and meshes zips). so any zip files that you might have replaced will need to be re-edited again also.

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@smaronenine you get the STMR mod working? i have tried uninstalling/reinstalling it a couple times now, but can not get it to work.

@8up-local stmr mod? thats just the mudrunner plus thing right? yeah it was working but it was already still working for me all i did was re drop it in the directory and its still working.

You guys got any advise if the game wont start at all? Nothing modded other than a couple of workshop mod. Reinstalled a couple of times and deleted appdata but nothing. Pressing play in Steam and nothing, NOTHING. 😕

@smaronenine yeah the ST+ mod thing. mine is not working at all and not showing up in my game settings screen. i have uninstalled/reinstalled it a couple times now, but no go so far. still not working for me.

@bluebirde i have seen where some people have uninstalled and reinstalled just the workshop mods and are getting there game to work. not sure if this will work for you, but worth the try i figure.

funny how with this one update that so many people are have such different problems it seems.

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@8up-local I really don't know man and I don't wanna take mine out and try to reinstall it if it's working.

That moment when you know how the developers feel about mods that don't conform to how they want the game to be.

It was clearly intentional.

I get the mod not working. But to erase maps from the media folder is redicilous.

Did you check the folder? Everything I had was still there and intact after the update including mod maps and trucks. All I did was put the lines back in my config.xml and voila!

well the save files, map files and the folders for the mod map i was on were still there, but the game did not register it when i restarted my game. so i reinstalled the map, but it still is not registering. i think this might be because i add my maps manually. i do not use the map install mod or jgsme or whatever it is called. so this could be the problem for me. i noticed the new DLC map is a zip folder in the game folder, which is something new for a stock map.

@SmarOneNine yeah don't take the chance. i am still trying to get my STMR mod working, maybe tonight after a break from this i can figure it out. right now i am about full of looking for and replacing files. i really need to set up a game folder so i can replace all my files one go. my mistake though, i know i was needing to do it and now i have a good excuse to. lol

@articzap nothing is intentional, this is actually quite normal for ST really. so to me it is no surprise that it also has happened with MR.

the excitement of the New DLC is really lost in the fact that, a lot of people are having to repair/replace their files... Rufus

found my problem with maps. it was on my end. i had the file path on the wrong line in my config. so far it has not been too bad really with the errors and the new DLC. however it does seem that the STMR mod (ST+) might need to be updated. i say might because it seems some people are not having any issues, but a lot are. i am wondering if the version of the STMR mod matters?

edit: it also seems some people are having problems getting their files working for building their vehicles and being able to access them. anyone else having this issue with project vehicles and maybe even their maps in the editor? please post if you are.

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Same here. Just a simple rewrite of the config file and good to go. I would guess most players having issues must have installed maps/mods directly to the file instead of creating a new folder and pointing the config file to it.

ok so far this looks like the rundown.

  1. mod maps and shifter mod work, the game config just needs re-edited with the file paths added back to it. (add shifter mod to the end of the config as usual and the media path goes after the media zip path line in the config file)

  2. textures, media and meshes will need to be reinstalled to their respective zips, if you had edited any of the files. (skins/textures, sounds, edited files/coding)

  3. STMR mod is still undetermined although it looks like it could just be the version being used (this is not confirmed yet, but 1.6.6 versions seems to have broken while 1.6.7 version looks to be working). we need more feedback on this.

opinions or feedback?

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1.6.7 is not working for me, i don't know if a couple of trucks and a new map are a fair trade for this hassle?

my STMR mod is still working. i am using v1.6.7.

@smaronenine said in FYI: new update breaks/uninstalls mods.:

@8up-local stmr mod? thats just the mudrunner plus thing right? yeah it was working but it was already still working for me all i did was re drop it in the directory and its still working.

awesome that its working, but did you say you re dropped it in the directory? i just opened the mod up and ran it. i have never dropped it in the game directory. just trying to verify?

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