Timer bug?

Is anyone else experiencing their timer jumping up to 15 secs in one shot? It's happened to me at the end of turns in various matches, leaving my turn unfinished, and costing me the game. I have 150mbps/150mbps Fios, so I don't tgink the problem is my connection. Tgis may be related to the apo bug that sometimes cuts the apo timer short halfway through.

It's not something that I have noticed but I will keep an eye out.

Yes, i have the same mistake since 2 months, my turn often finished at 15s and during many turns till the end.
No relation with apo for me, i think it's when other connected objects are switch on.

Bonjour, est ce que vous avez quelque chose à proposer pour ce problème (fin du tour 15 secondes avant la fin du chrono), la suppression des données sauvegardées pourrait-elle éviter celà?

i had a games few weeks agao where the timer rebooted 3 times for the opponent giving him almost 9 min for setting up his team , it was endless and super frustrating