Excessive damage inflicted by side contact. PC version.

Brushing past trees, even at very low speeds, can inflict immense multi-hundred points of damage to vehicles. This can happen loaded or unloaded. It seems to be happening when the upright posts that cradle the logs contact trees, or even branches sticking out of them. The posts can be either fixed to the trailer or the swinging type used with medium and long log attachments.
I have had a vehicle badly damaged by brushing past a tree at <5kph. It was completely wrecked when I tried to winch it away from the tree and the swinging log support scraped against the tree and cause 364 points of damage. I have just had a C-255 with a short log carrier and crane nearly wrecked simply by driving into physics activation range and having the suspension raise slightly when only in contact with the projecting broken branches of the dead pine? model.
I really think this damage needs removing or at least reducing in scale by 99%.

Yep, I've had that too many times also. Some little contact and <bang> the truck is wrecked.

Ok. This has happened way too many times since the last post. You HAVE to FIX this! Super annoying to get maximum damages with just a little touch to tree with the load support bars.

Same here, I was trying to squeeze between 2 tree's with a load of medium logs and while winching through suffered total vehical damage (500 points). Had to go get something else to finish pulling it through the trees. Does seem kinda high.