new update problems

need some help,since the update I cant play mudrunner because mine never got the new version of mudrunner,i have uninstalled and reinstalled several times but it will not update to the new version,can anybody help I have the map and trucks

Well, he has the valley contents, but his game is still at the old version, when the current version is 18/01/02. He did uninstall spintires mod completely, cleared his cache, and verified the integrity of files. No luck what-so-ever. Any help from the focus + saber team is greatly appreciated.

Go into your game directory like this:

  • Right click Spintires: MudRunner in Steam libary,
  • go to properties > Local Files > Browse local files.

In your local files delete:

Right click Spintires MudRunner in Steam libary,
go to properties > Local Files > Check game file integrity / verify game files.

Let Steam finish the download and it should be good.
I did this for a friend who had the same problem.


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@ShadowSINcere that fixed it,thank you for the help

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