Update 1.7 Sound Completely Broken

My ears are bleeding from playing one round. The sound stutters and breaks up mostly when moving or shooting. If you don't move, it seems to stop. It is so bad, the game is unplayable at this point.

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unplayable and annoying, didn't they perform simple tests?

I tried again this evening. Still broken. Please prioritise this. Many of the people I play with have the same issue. It completely spoils the game. I had to tell my mates that I have to wait for a fix. It's horrible. I tried verifying my game files in Steam. This didn't work. I also recorded a few examples of the problem using NVidia GeForce Experience. For the first time, my recordings had no sound so something is definitely wrong.

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Yes, that's precisely why i decided to create this account, so i can tell you people (developers) that my headphones are picking up a strange noise whenever a bullet whizzes by, so if you people can just let me switch, you know, from speakers to headphones then that'll be great and also you're the only game with which i am having this problem, all my other games are working just fine.

Are you bastards doing this on purpose or what?
How utterly imbecilic is this shit? Half an eon for a map and 2 new guns, bugged smoke and now the sound has gone AWOL. Cover the basics first before you start going balls to the wall. Nobody asked you fuckers for a rushed update for the sake of getting the fucking thing out.

Respond to this fucking thread asap!

I'm having the same problem! I had no issues with the audio until the update. Thanks for reading

come on! I guess nobody will fix this bug...

Since the latest update the sound is horrible, stutters, clips, it's unplayable

I'm having the same sound problem since the 1.7 update.

Sound breaks up a lot. Fix it please!!

Yes I'm the same. It's totally unplayable now.
Seems to happen on large bot count servers more.

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the update broke the audio for the game

Can we please get an update from the developers on this issue.

I have a similar issue. I was using a Lenovo X1 Extreme Gen 1 laptop with an older version of the game that I had updated numerous times. The last update did not cause any issues. I replaced that laptop with a Lenovo X1 Extreme Gen 2 laptop about a week ago and installed the game and now I have a sound issue. The issue happens in game when walking around, but abates or ceases altogether when standing still. The issue happens when watching other players move around and ceases when they stand still. I really enjoy this game so would love a quick fix as the game is entirely unplayable at this time.

Also, everyone who is freaking out at the developers having a bug need to take a deep breath and shut the hell up. You likely have zero development experience and completely fail to understand that Focus has no reason to update a game with new features you can enjoy except in hopes of selling additional licenses. It is foolish to think focus simply wants you to go f yourself in the a.

Please let me know when you have a solution or if you need any assistance narrowing the issue down. Glad to help.

I know the Dev's are aware and working on a fix. Yes an update would be nice.

This issue is fixed by the way. Thanks. I noticed that your hotfix notes had nothing about a sound issue.