Need top centre winch point for lifitng

Craning/lifting vehicles in snowrunner is frustrating. Not least because the cranes/winch systems are underpowered (especially heavy crane) but because there is no suitable winch points for lifting, which make it very hard to position the vehicle onto a flatbed/trailer

It would be great if a winch point could be added to the top centre of each vehicle so that cranes can lift them in a more realistic fashion, making them easier to position onto a flatbed or trailer.

Please can this be addressed? Would be quite an easy addition and it would make it much more realistic and less frustrating.

If the heavy crane could be buffed to be able to easily pick up medium sized trucks, that would be great. The thing struggles to lift even a Hummer which obviously isn't right for a crane of that size!

Thank you

@richoverip wrong section! You posted it under Mudrunner

BTW, there are some tweaks on for both your requests.

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All scouts except the Tuz will have a top winch point in the next update

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