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Hello from Oovee Forums! I see lots of others have already come from there.

Yessir. I'm a diehard Spintires Fan.

Cant wait to get this game rolling!

Hello,I am spintires fan.
Wonderful Game Spintires
We wait patiently 🙂

lets do this yeah woo foot ball uh ..... i mean spintires love the game cant wait for it to drop

Hi guys . Cant wait for relase date . Pre-ordered anyway 😄
cya in-game

bonjour (pour la version console )

  1. question : pensez vous rajouté par la suite des véhicules tout terrain?
  • Français 😞 Renault B110 4x4 , TRM 2000 et 4000 , SM8 , Saviem TP3...)
  • Allemand 😞 nez de cochon 911, sprinter et vario 4x4, Unimog...)
  • italien 😞 Iveco , Bremach ...)
  • Suisse :(Bucher Duro, Steyr Pinzgauer...)
  1. des Nouvelles cartes ( environnements dessert, rocheux )?

  2. des Nouveaux challenges ? , je prends un exemple :
    ( un jeux qui à était fait sur pc en 2011 OFF-ROAD DRIVE )
    trial , parcours franchissement, orientation

Spintires MudRunner Add language Turkish. I want the Turkish.

Hi there!
I’m new to Spintires. I didn’t even knew this game existed, but one month ago aprox. I get accidentally to a game trailer, and I loved it.

It’s downloading right know in my Xbox One. Question: is it Xbox One X enhanced?

Hello everybody!!!
I was in the original Spintires and return here now!!!

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