Ps4 pre order

When can we pre order insurgency sandstorm for ps4? Because we can pre order it on Xbox 1 but not for ps4. And why can I pre order insurgency sandstorm on ps4 in Europe but not in America?

Yeah, they really need to start giving us more information about the console release, closed and open testing, what console will include, options, gameplay footage, etc. They at least used to talk more about but have been absolutely tight lipped the last couple months.

.....well, I guess it's been delayed once more. Just read an article on PlayStation Lifestyle and their post on Twitter. Delayed until further notice.

That's just F'ed up and to be honest, a huge slap in the face to those of us on console trying to get other hyped about it, etc. They had to have known earlier than this. They kept telling us it was on track and not to worry when they refused to share more news. Honestly, at this point I'm done. I'll break the bad news to my friends and move on. The PS5 release is around the corner anyway and with a couple other tactical titles being announced, maybe I'll just focus on those.