I hope I'm not the only one, but after the update I am not able to play the game anymore.

I tried to play (push) in three consecutive days, but I get the sound tearing which it seems like everyone is getting and after about 10 seconds the game freezes regardless if I am playing or just spectating on any map not just the new one (when it puts me in an ending match). I have to restart my PC.

Please fix it ASAP or let me know what to do to avoid this if I am the only one. I am not able to play for more than 10 seconds.

And btw. I had to register just to report this issue which is not ok imho but what is worse that I had to check the checkbox that I want to recieve info emails. I DID NOT WANT TO, BUT THERE IS NO OTHER OPTION!!! YOU NEED TO CHECK IT JUST TO REGISTER!!! What kind of business does that?! THIS IS CRAPPY, SHADY, FEELS ILLEGAL AND IT DOES NOT REFLECT GOOD ON YOU, but I digress.