Combining laser/flashlights ideas & NVG/optics compatibility

So I got some ideas to make NVG compatibility with various optics more realistic and loadout options more varied by being able to combine flashlights with lasers.

Here an overview of the load-out menu, so instead of having 1 section of optics to choose from it will be 2, NVG-compatible and non-compatible (only 1 sight can be chosen ofcourse):

Standard Optics (non-compatible with NVG’s):

  • Iron Sights.
  • All magnified optics.

*Point shooting and IR laser is enabled by default with standard sights. IR laser can be turned on/off from the hip, but will be enabled automatically when point shooting. Take off NVG's with the keybind to ADS regularly.

NVG Compatible Optics:

  • 1x Red Dot/Holo/Cobra.
  • 1x Red Dot/Holo/Cobra + IR Laser/point shooting (when disabled you can ADS regularly, no need to take off NVG's. Will cost 1 point more).

*ADS will be just slightly slower with NVG’s, but not painfully slow


  • (IR) Flashlight (Can be combined with IR laser, simple always on/off with a separate keybind).
  • Laser (will replace IR laser, inherits IR on/off idea described above, costs 1 supply point).

I believe a setup like this is not only more realistic, but more convenient and simpler for beginners aswell, it takes less time to make a setup that works well as you don't have to or can't forget to manually select pointshooting with IR lasers etc.

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I like it. It is a bit immersion breaking when people are using ACOGs and hunting scopes while wearing NVGs.

I am a bit torn about the 2X optics though. It's not realistic to be able to use them with NVGs, but it's a also a whole lot more difficult to see people at 50m on a monitor than it is in real life. I like having that extra bit of zoom, even in situations where I would never want it in real life.

It would be awesome if the laser would toggle itself on and off automatically when point shooting.