Suggestion: Blind yourself when flashlighting team mates

This is a suggestion to make people learn that shining a flashlight directly into night vision optics will actually blind the person wearing the NV. Which is good when this is the enemy. But it really sucks when this is your team mate.

Some people will use a flashlight on the night mode. This is fine. But they really need to learn how to use it.

DO NOT BLIND YOUR TEAM MATES who are mostly on NV optics!

Suggestion: Make a "flash-reflect" on the player flashing others, similar to team damage reflect for people who can not operate a gun properly.

Make them learn.

Ya add some more child safety features like dmg reflection. This game isn’t quite soft enough yet...

Damage and flashlight reflection are penalties... Which is the opposite of "soft".

The point is not to make things easier, but to penalize moronic players until they submit to team tactics. In other words, make things harder until people learn how to play.

The best penalties are the ones that are immediate and directly proportional to a player's stupidity. That's how people learn.

Jeez I really wonder how people ever used to get by in the gaming world without these anti bullying features which are super weak and once again make the game soft... damage reflection flashlight reflection don’t make the game hard they make the game lame and unrealistic which is fine for a game that does not claim to be just that “Lethal” “Realistic”. But I’m sick of all weak people and now because of that these game are built around children. At one time when damage reflection or flashlight reflection wasn’t a thing in Insurgency you had to be a man and if someone was being “stupid” and players saw this they voted together to remove this player from the server. It worked quite well and I never had any of these oh so tearful moments of being ganged up on or kicked for no reason... this is how this would have been handled back in the day you would have asked him to stop blinding you with his flash light and he probably would have or if he was just being a goof you probably wouldn’t have been the only person who noticed and a vote kick would have been effective. Now I know time’s have changed and the world has become quite soft and offended just as video games such as the very one we are speaking about has but it’s getting out of hand. Soft to appeal to children and overly sensitive men. It’s quite a shame the direction games specifically games about war have and are heading.

The degree to which a game can be "realistic" is inherently limited. It is a game. And it is a team based game for the most part. It is therefore advantageous for the game concept that people learn to play as a team. Which is why damage reflection has been implemented, and works like a charm. I didn't even think about bullying at first, but as you say, this system is undoubtedly why there are almost no intentional team killings. There are no bullies. Because they essentially eliminate themselves. It is an immideate and self correcting system which is brilliant.

I think the same loogic is valid for blinding team mates on night maps. If they are blinded themselves when pointing their flashlight in their team mates face, they are reminded not to do that, and they will alter their behaviour. They will mature to be good soldiers. That said, my experience is that people blind team mates almost exclusively by accedent.

If you want "realistic", then you presumably also want realistic player behaviour. It is not realistic for soldiers on the same team to go around "bullying" each other by blinding, shooting and killing their team mates... It is not even realistic that this happens by accedent to the degree it does in the game, because real soldiers have training and are adults (implies common sense). Since this isn't actually the military with a real selection process and training, it is good to have game mechanics that self-eliminate unwanted behaviour as it occurs. When people abide by the rule "don't shoot or blind team mates" (which they realistically would) you will not even notice these mechanics. Therefore, I argue that these mechanics will make the game more realistic, not less.

I’m not even gonna... you are delusional...

Actually I changed my mind I will... So I’ll start with damage reflection. Commander calls explosive mortars on B tells team well in advance but of course people run in anyways a couple die. Now sitting in a corner on B capturing B and stupid teammates running around like retards. Enemy climbs through window and I open fire and without a doubt would have eliminated said threat but no a teammate walks completely oblivious to what’s going on in front of my fire and takes my spray to the head. Now I die from damage reflection and teammate dies from enemy and we lose. Fucking... Garbage... said teammate should have died by mine own hands and I would not have felt a second of remorse as I dispose of the threat at the same time. Ok on to your proposed “flashlight reflection”. So now I am patiently waiting along a wall aiming at a corner I am prepared for enemy but a teammate strolls around said corner staring into my flashlight like a fucking deer into headlights. This is my fault and I should be penalized? The fuck outta here with that shit... this is war not laser tag. I realize it’s just a game but that is irrelevant some people are sick of call of duty and want to take things a little more serious so they play a game like this that can lean a little more towards that “serious” somewhat “realistic” and “lethal” mindset without going full mill-sim. Maybe you should turn your attention more towards games that cater more towards your demographic like call of duty (destiny maybe)... just saying. You have a good day now!

Does damage reflection even apply to air support? I never noticed... I am fairly certain it does not.

About accedentally shooting team mates, yes. It will happen. The system can not distinguish between an unpreventable accedent and intentional or completely moronic behaviour. However, if it happens a lot, then you are the problem. Keep in mind that your first shots, and even your first team kill is not reflected. So if you frequently get killed from your own team shootings, then you shoot a lot of team mates. And frankly, I don't care if it is accedental. If my team mates keep shooting me because they are incompetent, then I'd rather have them kill themselves until they learn or leave.

Your flashlight reflection scenario is not completely clear to me. Of course it must be tested anyway. I didn't imagine that an NV player would feel the need to stare into a flashlight. But a potential fix for that is to apply flashlight reflection only if the flashlight user is turning their flashlight towards the NV player, and not if the NV player is turning towards the flashlight. In any case, it must be tested.

By the way, I only play on hardcore mode. Maybe player behaviour is a little different already on that mode because your examples don't really happen that often to me. If you play on the arcade servers, then yes, it is going to be arcade. But then don't complain that it isn't hardcore enough.

@strek “Does damage reflection even apply to air support? I never noticed... I am fairly certain it does not.”

It’s clear to me now that you don’t have a clue how this game works at least versus and you only play coop... it’s my fault that teammates constantly run into other teammates gunfire who are legit shooting enemies and I should be penalized for this? and I should learn the game? You are a special kind of stupid aren’t you... I truly hope they add your little feature in coop only to save you some tears... maybe get off the forums and learn how the game actually works breh...

Your whole argument is nothing but personal insults. It means you are intellectually inferior. You are convinced that you are right, but you are unable to explain why. Apparently, you just completely gave up on the actual topic. I didn't mean to exhaust your mind that fast. But oh well.

Yes, I am obviously talking about coop. Because I am talking about flashlights and NV. On night maps. Which are on coop for the most part. I thought you knew this, since you are an expert genius and all.

Nobody is constantly running into your gun fire. Yet, you constantly shoot your team mates. This is why damage reflection is such a major problem to you. But not to most people. Not me. Just you. Yes. This is your fault. Don't blame other people. Take responsibility. Become better, or quit. Whining never helped anyone. But I guess in your case, you are just going to keep killing yourself with friendly fire.

You really crack me up "breh" XD

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First of all nothing but personal insults? Here’s another look up Soyboy... lol grow some skin... so sensitive. Secondly intellectually inferior? Lmao your probably what 14? I bet I have hairs on my balls older than you... also never once claimed to be a genius. At which point did I give up on the topic? I have given you very solid arguments as to why I feel the features in questions are stupid and or unneeded and I also never once claimed that damage reflection was a problem for me just simply a stupid feature nor did I claim that people are always running into my gun fire it was a solid example of why that it is once again a stupid feature but it definitely does happen.

Next I’m not constantly shooting my teammates and I rarely kill myself due to damage regurgitation but when it does happen I can assure you it is not my fault and I definitely should not be penalized for it. I will admit when it does happen it infuriates me and removes any momentum I may have had going as well as killing any and all immersion the game was producing. I have many hours in both Iterations of Insurgency and am often at the top of the server not that that matters because it doesn’t. I understand you would have trouble comprehending all of this I mean I’m not the best with words at times and you only play coop but good god man. Now you thinking that whining doesn’t solve anything is quite funny as it is exactly that from people like you who complained enough to make things like damage reflection a new feature in a game that once did not have such silly features. Enough of you cried it you got it...

Anyways it no longer matters I barely play these days and even when I was playing often I took a few much needed long breaks. I spend more time on here than in game but I keep coming back on here and trying to come back to playing because I would love nothing more than this game to be reunited with its true roots back to what Insurgency once was and is supposed to be about! Don’t fret you guys will ruin it and I’ll leave you’ll get your way one day 😉 Till next time! Kisses.

Where did you stray off the topic? Immediately. The topic is my suggestion. Not damage reflection. And you did blame others for being penalized when people "constantly" run into your gun fire. And you have consistently whined about team damage in all of your posts, and how it isn't your fault that you keep shooting team mates. Yes, it is your fault. It would be your fault even if the game didn't penalize you for it. Take ownership of your actions.

You eventually produced ONE critique to my suggestion, which I addressed. Then you went back to team damage and throwing insults.

And now you are bragging about how great you are at playing this game. "Not that it matters", but you still felt that you had to emphasize your skill. So I guess it does matter to you. This is just pathetic.

You have been hostile and arrogant right form the get-go. This is not the right approach to get your point across. So after a while, I'm pointing it out.

Maybe you should detach from your computer once in a while, and learn how to talk to real people.

It's never too late. Be strong.

Lmao your right it is pathetic you truly are clueless...

There’s always fortnight man. Just sayin...

its a fine idea, newbies have to learn aswell not to blind mates and this will definitely help

Newbies do have to learn not to blind allies, but I don't think a reflect-damage type gameplay mechanic for flashlights on NVG would fulfill that particular function. It takes two people to blind/be blinded (or to TK/get TKed), and it's basically a 50-50% chance of it being an accident where one of the two does not deserve to be punished.

I'm not saying I have the solution... I'm just saying "no u" mechanics are cheap and work badly 50% of the time.

@strek Damage reflection is already quite possibly one of the worst things to happen to this game, so no.

@planetcanada said in Suggestion: Blind yourself when flashlighting team mates:

I’m not even gonna... you are delusional...

That's coming from someone blasting blocks of text suggesting that people are going soft because their playstyle is screwing with other players...damage reflection is there for a reason, the game is supposed to be HC. You don't go spraying into buildings like John Rambo just because YOU want to, and I'm sure you'd lose your boomer hat over someone shooting you so off the high-horse.

@MarksmanMax said in Suggestion: Blind yourself when flashlighting team mates:

@strek Damage reflection is already quite possibly one of the worst things to happen to this game, so no.

It's only "the worst" when you didn't deal the damage intentionally...something that is clearly what NWI needs to figure out that every other game on the planet that has reflect has.

@xDark Lol I’m not even a boomer. Put the pipe down... go back to school... soft as a pillow!