Ford 750 and TUZ 16 - lots of problems

@evilomatic The problem is not diversity, but lack of logic in design. Why we have a scout with the second weakest set of engines that have an ability to haul full size truck trailers (including the one for 4 units), at the same time another scout is overpowered by truck engines, but cannot carry anything itself and can use only light scout trailers? And another scout has a choice of 5 engines, but none of them can be actually usable because of tiny fuel tank and lack of ability to haul any trailer at all. Logic, where are you? It is just a good example of bad game balance.
As for Tuz 16, I showed the pictures from previous title how it should look like. Note, that too short wheel base will affect both geometric off-road capability and control on the road. I would not mind if they increase the length of wheel base just a little bit and do a proper sideboard module for example 1,5 size, that will take only 1 unit and have submodule with smaller set of repair parts and fuel that takes the rest of the place (like they have spare parts in trunks of Chavy 1500 and Hummer H2).
Make new trucks, but make it logical and beautiful. Not this ugly stuff the DEVs rolled out to PTS now.

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i see. thx for info.
tigron is winning)

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Yes, i hear you, and yes i agree, you actually have a point, BUT i still like the 750 🙂

A little more pictures form PTS 6.1
Even with all modules installed on Tuz 16 it still have bad gaps on the frame. If the sideboard were at least 1,5 unit long long it would look much better. Tuz 16 definitely needs a little longer sideboard bed.
@esorokin @Jellyfoosh Please, fix the size of the sideboard bed. Look at my offer (3rd picture). Even keep it 1 unit, but fill the space with a box of repair points and some fuel canisters or berrels. It will look much better.

SnowRunner Screenshot 2020.06.26 -
SnowRunner Screenshot 2020.06.26 -
How it should look like. Much better, isn't it?
Fixed Tuz 16.jpg

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At least I learned something in this thread. The F 750 is not unnatural, unwieldy and ugly! It´s just unwieldy and ugly! Ok I can live with that. But when the devs made the length off the kungs allways as big as one or two load units, the back off the truck locks like it belongs to a voxel building game.
The GAZ-66 and ZIL-131 derivates should both have the 1,5 length (load 1 unit) kung Tigron displayed. Then the ZIL-131 could attach a trailer properly again.
Perhaps the game needs a 0,5 load unit for all materials to fix the kung problems especially but not exclusevly for russian trucks.