Hello, again, Blood Bowl Fans!

This is Coach Arthur Dee, from the Lande of 40 Below, with the third installment of our Season XII Climb for the Cup.

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      • Season XII - The Dark’rside Dreampirates

As the magic sports-cauldron continues to burn somewhere in the wintry, eastern Hinterlands of Kuresh, the midnight sails of the Dark Elves again unfurl to play the best game in the Worlde, on the internet.

This week my manager and I were able to schedule a session of Blood Bowl matches and strategic conversation. While strategy was fully conversed, we were able to be matched-up with only one other Blood Bowl team on the day. We were able to win the contest, improving our record to 11-2-5 on the season, and had a generally pleasant evening. This ranks the Dreampirates (as of writing) 30th in overall standings and 2nd in racial standings. It feels as though the final rungs we need of the Champions Ladder are within our reach!

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x3 Re-roll Counters
x1 Apothecary
x6 Fan Factor
1840 TV

We hope to schedule at least one more game-day this weekend before the season ends, mid-week on the 21st of the month, to ensure we are able to punch our ticket to the playoffs.

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Collecting 100% of the votes for Match-of-the-Day, the first meeting of the Dark'rside Dreampirates and the highest-ranked Chaos team #Pain, coached by @xxxFerritxxx, was a fulfilling contest. After a properly exciting 1-1 first half, the Dark Elves executed a thorough offensive drive in the second, scoring late in the match, and securing a 2-1 victory for the club. Two touchdowns and two dead rookie beastmen were given as offerings to the team's monstrous dark-elven goddess, entreating her to deliver unto them more 2+ results on their six-sided agility dice.


Having not played against a developed Chaos team since a three-game-series last season opposite Coach @IVILITT, I believe I overreacted when I invested our entire Treasury into this match. As we were already 230 TV the underdogs, spending 120,000 gold pieces hired us a Wizard, ensured us a Bribe for the referee, and the services of a Wandering Apothecary.
Expensive Mistake.
Cheers to whoever the Wizard was, who cast a Fireball spell for the Dark Elves Turn One, allowing them to take control of the ball, and the match, immediately. With only one of four Chaos players resisting the sorcerous fire, the Dreampirates recovered the ball, protected its carrier, and finished a sequence of events that culminated in the fouling of the Chaos team's 124 SPP beastman-beatstick Brash'nogors by 8 SPP lineman Tacitus Traumatist.

// Foul: Armour (6+): ⚃ + ⚃ SUCCESS! // Injury: ⚅ + ⚀ KO'D! (Dirty Player) // Tacitus Traumatist is Sent Off by the Referee! // Bribe (2+): ⚀ FAILURE! //

As it turned out, while the attempted bribery of the goblin referee failed, that KO'd beastman was as good as his dead compatriots, as he never returned to to the pitch! We also didn't need our Team Apothecary by the full-time whistle, let-alone a Wandering Apothecary that cost an additional 100,000 gold pieces.

We walked away with the victory, and that ref + apo walked away with our money. One day we will be able to afford upgrading our stadium... one day...


I would like to express a huge Thank You (Merci!) to Cyanide Studio for all the enjoyment we've been able to have. I believe they've done an expert job integrating the depth of gameplay and sport management in Blood Bowl to digital platforms, and it reminds me of all the good things about the last game studio I had the privilege of being a part of. Thank you again for the great work, and I look forward to the title getting even better! Like, when will we be able to spend our Cyans to purchase new referees for stadiums? I'm tired of the Goblins taking all our imaginary-money!

Also, Thank You to the artist Pete, pirate-of-my-dreams, Knifton. I am beyond grateful to be able to keep enjoying this game into my 30s, and his soulful (soulless?) imaginings of Second Edition Blood Bowl continue to help inspire me to continue gaming.

We hope you enjoyed, thank you for reading, and take-care!

Make Sport and Not War,

-Coach Arthur Dee

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