Ford F750 after Update 6.1 -> must unlock again

After the 6.1 Update I cannot by the Ford F750 and I cannot unlock him again (game says I have to explore to unlock), because I had unlocked him and have two in my fleet.

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In the previous version F750 was available by default, but our intention for this update is that you need to explore new map to access both trucks

You mean not this new map... a new upcomming map for the Ford?

I don't think that is his "problem" he made the task before the 6.1 and after patched towards 6.1 (task done) he can't buy the truck anymore despite having made the task before

For better understanding:
I find him within the "Foreigner" mission before 6.1 and completed the mission.
Is he now again on the map?

@Fratzegeballer sorry i misunderstood you, if you completed this taks - f750 should be available, let us look into this problem

just checked in my safe. i completed the task foeigner aswell prior to patch 6.1 and now i can't buy the F750. so if finishing this task is unlocking the truck all who made it in 6.0 can't buy it now.

aswell please give him the option to have a proper engine. it barely can go up any slope even without trailer attached.

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i have the same problem - im done task @6.0 and have F750, but cant buy it @shop - its still not unlocked