sorry state of game auto balance

Ok so just wondering if its me or not that this keeps happening to. just witnessed literally a whole team of level 10s and below get put against a team comprised of 6 lvl 400+ and get basically spawn raped and leave. the next round when more new players joined they again got destroyed and all left. just wondering why the devs try to boost up player counts with discounts and free days if they are not even going to attempt to keep new players playing the game. Honestly this is getting ridiculous i am not a new player myself but im getting tired of getting update after update and none of them have a single fix for this. it would probably take them something like 1 hour of devs time to fix. Does nwi not see the new player retention is close to nothing and not think that thats a bigger issue than getting tons of buggy updates out the door? anyway this is turning to a rant pretty quick so i will just leave it at this... does anyone else see this happening in every match or is this just me?

fun fact new night update crashes my computer to boot menu when i look a smoke effects, pretty cool feature i would say.

Yea totally agree with you, auto-balance currently does nothing except for creating more frustrating moments.. it needs fixing and actual balancing...

@chimp-lord Lol sounds like a sweet feature indeed!