steering issue on Xbox one x.

I have notice with some trucks including the Azov4220 and catapiller745 with hydraulic steering, as well as the freightliner m916 that the steer will turn the opposite direction before actually moving in the correct direction. tried multiple times and it makes these trucks almost non drivable with a load or at high speeds.

• The pacific P 12 with a saddle high for some reason does not connect to the saddle high gooseneck loading trailer, The truck is useless in the game.

• The freightliner M916A1 has a steering glitch when you turn left the driver will turn right before turning left and vice versa making the truck unable to drive at any speed.

• Why do you have one sensitivity level for both analog sticks? there should be two whenever you turn the sensitivity up the camera angle moves so fast the game is unplayable.

• Damage... if you hit the cab of your truck on a tree limb it should not damage your engine 95 points, If you bump into a light pole your engine And suspension should not be completely destroyed It’s not realistic.

• Tree stumps are not as powerful in the game as they would be in real life versus a vehicle, please tone them down or get rid of some of them y’all put way too many in the game and they caused way too many issues when you’re trying to play making it unenjoyable. bolded text

I have also had this happen with the paystar. In my case it doesn't want to turn there is a delay which causes you usually hit something or drive off the road.