Summertime Anticipation

I’ve been following the development if this game everywhere I can, and on Twitter, as well as Facebook, it was suggested that there would be an update ‘next week’. That was eight days ago. Now I’m wondering when, or if, this update is going to happen. I was really hoping for a hard release date, or PS4 pre-orders, but still nothing. Gameplay trailers would be nice, but I really just want ANY kind of update, even if it’s just to announce that there was some sort of delay. It just seems like there is no feedback at all from the developers, and I think it’s alienating a lot of Necromunda’s die hard, old school fan base. I’m a Necromundist for life, Orlock or die, and I just want to know when I can expect to see anything from your end.

I second this, so sick now of waiting for information on this game to surface. Its getting ridiculous.

The twitter account for Necromunda Underhive Wars said "more project news next week".

This is now the second week since that tweet was made.

I mean, the game has been available to preorder on steam for a WHOLE MONTH, with still no gameplay seen! I am not preordering your game mate.

Its an absolute joke. Seriously, sort your PR side out.

I actually made an account here just to say this. I would comment on twitter too but i don't use social media as it is toilet.

Hey everyone, sorry about the lack of news last week! We had a cool blog coming but some approvals took a bit longer than expected. We should be good for this week Don't hesitate to ping or PM me if you have a doubt. I don't always have the time to read everything here but I'll answer this way. - Netheos on Discord

@PlatypusErotica Hey dood, just wanted to try and touch base with an insider to get a handle on the situation. So far I’m on here, and on the Discord, and Facebook groups/forums for the game, and am doing everything I can to keep my finger on the pulse of this thing. I’m American, but I live in Italy, and try to Necromund as much as I can, but here in Bologna there is only a very small wargames community. With the virus I’ve been trying to get them all excited about going digital, so we can reboot a campaign that was cut painfully short. In light of this, I wanted to ask about the options for running campaigns. Possibly coop, maybe even with AI gangs thrown in. Is it going to be possible to run campaigns with more than one player controlled gang, and how will it work? How customizable will it be? Running campaigns that have a sense of continuity, with a group of friends, is foundational to the appeal of Necromunda, and I hope it’s something Focus has gone out of their way to preserve. I’m also curious about the possibility of local coop, for running skirmishes with friends at my house, over beer and pizza. Even if you aren’t sure, just send me a shrug emoji or something. Like a lot of people, the radio silence has been disappointing to say the least, but I’ve tried to keep my bitching to a minimum, and keep my ear to the ground instead.

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