dan_96320 (red marker) PTS 7.3

Minor texture issue, there is three red marker light who usually are orange on cabin.
Dan front marker red.jpg
I might be wrong but It seem that those part are a bit long for their purpose.
I was wrong 🙂

Dan supension axle.jpg
Dan supension axle2.jpg

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@Raphael In fact this part are actually this much long on real BAZ-69092. It is a torsion bar suspension.
My favorite truck. 😻

Youtube Video – [05:37..]

BAZ torsion bar suspension

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I do like that truck too really nice model, and really practical.
Thank you for replying i really was wondering why those where left to stick out like this, usually you don't let anything who could catch things while driving specialy the undercarriage.
The front has still a small anchor visible at 10.48.
Nice video.

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thx for good video! Лапшин рулит!)

as i understand this baz dont have any winches, nor front nor rear?(

and diff lock is standard, only for rear wheels, switchable, awd also is switchable, so no any fancy perma...

i just got it in taymyr, plan to use as a big crane only)

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@Tigron thanks for the vid. I also just found out that youtube has auto translate. Its rough but work well enough to understand the video.