Chevrolet Kodiak C70 (fifth wheel/sadle) PTS 7.3

That type of long frame the truck has is meant for flatbed and dry van box and other body who are mounted on the truck frame, but does not accomodate trailer or fifth wheel (sadle).

Sadle Low and High should be removed.

sadle high.jpg
sadle low.jpg

That type of frame is more suited:

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Never in 1 million years would a saddle be mounted BEHIND THE LAST AXLE??????????????? Snowrunner defies all physics

I would rather prefer the frame on C70 to be cut at least by 1m, so low saddle can be moved forward, and the frame will not pop out under any module, like it is now.
And I agree that saddle high should be removed from C70. It should not have an ability to haul heavy trailers.

i agree with all these points. also now i want a tandem axle Kodiak!

just remove saddle for the options that are available for the C70. it does not make sense to give all trucks all options without checking weather its possible.
Alternative would be to be able to chop the frame on the c70, could be usefull with other addons as well. So including an option to shorten the rear overhang and moving the saddle forward would help.

Something i found limitating here is the inability to swicth frame wich is part of the problem faced now with addon who are not suited.
Even if some truck lose some addon it will balance the overall truck fleet to make them more complementary to each other, have their proper role.

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Love c70, but will admit, if it's not actually built for those saddles, then yes they should be removed.

The way frames are setup in this game has been very inconsistant with reality from day one...

Still present in patch 7.